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Hermes - Your Stud Tracking SolutionHermes - the easy way to set up and maintain your on farm stud book

Choosing the most effective way of managing your stock information can be one of the toughest on-farm decisions you need to make.  Hermes can make that easy for you.


Not only can you easily keep track of your breeding records and seasonal tracking, but you also get an automated interface to breed societies that use the Hermes Plus for your registration records.


And with Hermes subscription system you'll always have the latest software - no more costly yearly upgrades.

Take the hassle and cost out of creating and maintaining your studbook with Hermes.


Hermes features include:

  • Desktop based on farm stud book
  • PC,MAC and Linux
  • Keeps track of breeding records, resultant pregnancies and outcomes
  • Animal height and Weight tracking
  • Kill sheets
  • Ability to add notes on animals (vet visit, show result, etc)
  • Ability to upload photos and DNA profiles
  • Print family tree with thumbnail images
  • Extensive reporting
  • Automated interface to breed societies that use hermes Plus for ease of entering breeding, steering, cull, calving and registration records.



  • From $65 Plus GST per annum subscription on-line


  • Hermes is now available with a 30 day free trial license from the Downloads page:

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